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A 2010 change to New Jersey law made oral agreements for palimony unenforceable. But it was unclear whether this change would affect agreements that were already in place. A landmark case was recently decided by the New Jersey Supreme Court, declaring that older oral palimony agreements are still valid. If you are struggling to enforce a palimony agreement, or if you want to create an agreement of support between yourself and a loved one, you should contact an experienced New Jersey family law attorney.

When two people agree to something, they don’t always “get it in writing.” New Jersey law recognizes that some oral contracts can be just as binding as written contracts, but there are a number of problems inherent in oral agreements. Therefore, it is imperative to get your agreements in writing and in a format that comports with the law.

New Jersey’s Statute of Frauds requires that certain important agreements must be made in writing in order to prevent fraud. For example, if you transfer ownership of real estate, make certain major agreements relating to creditors, or make agreements that depend upon a future marriage, the Statute of Frauds requires those agreements to be in writing. Continue reading

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