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Child support negotiation involves a number of issues that can complicate the process. For example, some divorced parents want to waive or reduce a child support agreement as part of a larger divorce settlement deal negotiated between the parents. New Jersey judges can intervene by altering the child support amount or changing the date on which child support terminates. In some cases, judges can even void an otherwise mutually acceptable agreement. These thorny problems can be resolved by working with an experienced New Jersey family law attorney.

Sometimes divorced parents want to negotiate an agreement that reduces or eliminates a child support obligation in exchange for some other benefit, but problems can emerge because New Jersey courts recognize that the right to child support belongs exclusively to the child. This fact doesn’t change even when both parents agree to modify or terminate a child support agreement. The New Jersey Appellate Court case of Faro v. Heyden held that “even an explicit waiver agreement cannot vitiate a child’s right to support.”  Continue reading

A recently published case establishes new rules for resolving preschool disputes between divorced parents. The court recognized that this particular issue had never been addressed before. An ordinary dispute between divorced parents can sometimes land you in an unexplored area of New Jersey law. It is important to hire a knowledgeable family law attorney to help navigate your parental rights disputes.

The case of Madison v. Davis involves parents who were married for four years before they were divorced. They have joint custody of a child, “L.D.”, with L.D.’s mother assigned as the primary residential custodian. Until recently, L.D. attended a preschool that was chosen by both parents. This school (referred to as “Preschool A”) violated state regulations by improperly allowing L.D.’s father to pick the child up from school when he was not authorized. L.D.’s mother promptly took the child out of “Preschool A” and enrolled her in “Preschool B.”  Continue reading

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