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The aging process is difficult, not just on us but also on those around us. Most of us will eventually experience physical limitations of one form or another, but what happens when our mind begins to fail us too? alzheimers--300x200

If you are concerned about who will manage your affairs when you are no longer able to, one option is to create a Power of Attorney appointing an agent to act on your behalf. It is extremely important that you choose someone you trust, as the agent pursuant to a document known as a Durable Power of Attorney.  This document  will give that person, known as your agent,  the authority to access your bank accounts and potentially even sell your home right out from under you. If have concerns about giving the agent full access to all your assets and having the ability to do anything and everything on your behalf, you may choose instead to grant the agent more limited access, perhaps to a single account or type of accounts where you could use a limited Power of Attorney. Otherwise, a general Power of Attorney grants them the same authority to access your accounts and sign on your behalf as you.

What authority does a Power of Attorney grant to my agent?

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